Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Press Release for my book 'Educational Leadership for the 21st Century: Building a Capacity for Change'

‘Break free from old education,’ urges educator, scholar New book gives step-by-step instructions to bring about change for today’s education systems RICHMOND HILL, Ontario – Do education systems have expiration dates? Dr. Peter Zsebik believes they do. And after teaching for over 20 years in countries such as Kuwait, Singapore, Thailand, Austria and Ontario, he knows a thing or two about the world of education, including the weaknesses of a system more than a century old. “I truly believe that education as it stands right now is in serious need of rethinking,” says Zsebik. “It is a 120-year-old system that is having difficulty achieving the same educational goals that it initially had set for itself.” Zsebik’s new book, Education for the 21st Century, serves as an instruction manual, guiding readers through the core elements found in current educational practices and leading to a better understanding for the need of a more contemporary focus. Zsebik believes that by examining the social, cultural and political relationships found in public education, one can gain a better understanding of more relevant educational settings and how to make positive changes. “I believe that in order for public education to move past this point, a commitment must be made for all levels of family, education and society to participate in creating the right environment that would enhance a child’s educational development,” he says. While Zsebik recognizes the tendency for individuals to stay comfortable by doing things ‘the way it has always been done,’ he maintains that this practice cannot be applied to education. In accordance with the public education mandate President Obama recently announced in his State of the Union address, Zsebik’s Education for the 21st Century provides a platform for developing the President’s vision for education: that public education is in dire need of a new, more contemporary framework. “Some may say not to fix what isn’t ‘broken,’ but it can be argued that we are very near to that breaking point. The cracks that are now appearing are because we are no longer fulfilling the original mandate of public education – that of preparing tomorrow’s generation to live successfully in tomorrow’s society. And that’s something we can no longer ignore.” Education for the 21st Century By Dr. Peter Zsebik Paperback 6x9, retail price: $17.95 ISBN 9781450259262 Available at www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com. About the author Dr. Peter Zsebik received his Ph.D. from the University of Bath, England, which was a culmination of the academic experiences he obtained after having spent the last 20 years teaching and lecturing in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and Canada. Zsebik currently lives in Toronto and works in the education industry; he is also an accomplished saxophone player leading a very busy 21-piece dance orchestra. # # #